A Comprehensive Analysis: Are CompTIA Certifications Path Worth It?

By | November 8, 2021
CompTIA Certifications Path Worth It? CompTIA A+, The difference-maker in the world of competitions is excellence and training. A certification like the CompTIA Certifications Path adds to your skills and enhances your ability in the field of your choice. When you are choosing an IT certification for yourself, make sure to get yourself the one that pays well in the long run. CompTIA offers a wide range of relevant certifications that suit your career orientation.

What is CompTIA A+ certification all about? 

CompTIA A+ certification, offered by The Computing Technology Industry Association, has become the preferred qualifying credential for technical support. It is a type of IT certification course which validates your ability of troubleshooting and problem-solving in the IT sector. If you are looking forward to launching yourself into the IT sector, CompTIA A+ certification will help. It helps sharpen your entry-level skills. Like other CompTIA Certifications Path courses, this certification course is also updated regularly to suit the needs of the IT sector. This keeps it as the standard entry certification for crucial skills needed in your career. It stands as proof that you have what it takes to stand in the IT industry. Having it along with CompTIA A+ training will always put you above other non-certification candidates in job interviews and placements.

What does it offer, and who should opt for this certification?

CompTIA certification path helps you inculcate and hone quality skills. People opting for this certification receive recognition in the field of hardware, network troubleshooting, mobile devices, software troubleshooting, cloud computing, etc. It also focuses on security. Anyone looking for entry-level jobs in the IT sector can select this course. This certification is a must-have if you aim for jobs like Help Desk Tech, End-User Computing, Field service technician, or associate network engineer.

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CompTIA security+ certification can be considered if you are looking for exclusive certification in the field of IT security.

Where does it help?

Apart from providing you with the required skills, CompTIA A+ courses get you a step ahead when seeking employment with big companies. Top companies like Intel, HP, Nissan, Dell, etc., seek A+ certifications, so having one will improve your employment chances.

How to get a CompTIA Certification Path? 

Any CompTIA certifications can be acquired using these simple steps:
  1. Pick the IT certification of your choice from the official website.
  2. Take time and know the certification you opt for. Explore the course details and grasp the basics well.
  3. Know the exam procedures and the resources needed to get through.
  4. Prepare well for your certification exams with the right material.
  5. Register for the exam and choose the examination mode.
  6. You will be certified once you pass the exam.

How do you give the exam? The Requirements and Preconditions

You’ll need to get through an examination for this certification. There are two exams you’ll need to complete, namely, CompTIA A+ 220-1001 (Core 1) and 220-1002 (Core 2). Below are some essential bits of information about the exam:
  • The exam will have 90 questions.
  • The time allotted will be 90 minutes for both exams. And certification requires passing.
  • Experience of 9 to 12 months in a tech-related lab or field will be handy.
  • The exam is available in different languages like English, Spanish, Japanese, Thai, etc. You can check out all the language options available on the official website.
  • Each exam costs around USD 232, which is somewhat less than CompTIA security+ exam cost.
  • The certification exam will have multiple-choice questions.
  • The difficulty level is subjective and depends on your experience in the IT sector. Freshers may find it a bit difficult as compared to those well-acquainted with the IT sector.

Contemporary relevance:

Suppose you are a CEO of a well-reputed company looking to employ someone for your IT startup. There are two applicants Mr A and Mr B, and this is the scenario:
Mr A Mr B
Has a graduate degree in computer applications and a keen interest in IT. Has an equivalent degree to Mr A and has a CompTIA A+ training certification, which validates him as a problem-solver.
Evidently, Mr B has the edge over Mr A in this scenario. The CompTIA certification path will influence your choice as an employer. This is where it creates a difference, and having it becomes a necessity. For More Info visit: yourtherapia.com For More Articles: Click Here

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