Cassidy Rainwater Missing – Two Men Billed In Missing Cassidy Rainwater’s Kidnapping

By | September 30, 2021

Cassidy Rainwater Missing – Missouri locals James Phelps, 58, and Timothy Norton, 56, have been accused of keeping a missing lady in a locked confine on their property. Cassidy Rainwater, a 33-year-elderly person who had been absent since late July, was allegedly kept in a half-bare condition in the enclosure. The pair has been accused of first-degree abducting.

Dallas County Sheriff’s Office got a tip from the FBI on the missing lady’s case, which prompted the capture. As per court reports, an insider said a photograph showed Rainwater, who has connections to Dallas, Laclede, and Greene districts, being held hostage while to some extent naked.

Additionally, Phelps is supposedly the last individual to have seen Cassidy Rainwater. On September 1, Phelps told an investigator who met with him at his Lebanon home that Rainwater was remaining with him until she moved to Colorado. Phelps then, at that point, asserted that Rainwater left his home in the night about a month sooner and met somebody in a vehicle toward the finish of his carport. Examiners acquired a court order for Phelps’ cellphone and discovered seven photographs of Rainwater to some extent bare while being held in an enclosure on his property in Lebanon, court records show.

Criminal investigators then, at that point, distinguished Timothy Norton, additionally of Lebanon, regarding the case and he admitted that Rainwater was being held at Phelps’ property. As per court records, Norton confessed to controlling the lady on July 24 at Phelps’ home. Both Phelps and Norton are being held without bond. Phelps is next due in court on October 5. His public safeguard was not accessible for a remark looking into the issue. Norton showed up in court on Tuesday, September 28, without a lawyer, and is expected back in court one week from now. As per court records, the two men have been accused of grabbing, working with a lawful offense, incurring injury, and threatening. The sheriff’s office has not delivered a report on Rainwater’s whereabouts.

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