Dianna Rathburn Obituary – Anti-Vaxxer Has Died From COVID

By | October 2, 2021

Dianna Rathburn Obituary – Dianna Rathburn’s enemy of cover discourse in August to the Lowell School Board turned into a web sensation. After a month she was dead from COVID.

They then, at that point, show a portion of her online media posts which are the typical spill from the counter veil swarm, before one of her connects to an article on a periphery site purportedly telling with regards to the ineffectualness of the COVID antibodies. So it’s anything but a stretch to deduce that she was an enemy of vaxxer also.

All exceptionally odd coming from an RN of 35 years, a pediatric attendant. Yet, maybe her MAGA cultism was more grounded than whatever else. In any case, she’s dead at age 57. A preventable passing, as well as the most likely, persuaded others to follow her to an early grave.

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