Kai the Circle Instagram – Who won The Circle season 3?

By | September 30, 2021

Kai the Circle Instagram – The Circle season 3 started on Wednesday, September eighth, 2021. Ruksana, Kai, Calvin, and co all entered their pads in Manchester and struggled it out to win $100k this Autumn.

From catfishing to secret unions, rap fights, and spa days, the 12 Netflix scenes gave watchers all that they required, the show concluded on September 29th, 2021. The Circle season 3 champ has formally been reported.

The Circle season 3 cast included Ruksana Carroll, Nick Uhlenhuth, Calvin King Crooks, Michelle Rider, Kai Ghost, Daniel Cusimano, Ava Marie, and Chanel Marie Capra, and Matthew Pappadia.

While a considerable lot of the Circle players were shut out, the individuals who came to the last included James, Ashley AKA Matthew, Isabella AKA Sophia, Kai, and Nick.

The Circle season 3 champ was formally reported on September 29th as James Andre Jefferson Jr!

James came into the Netflix rivalry somewhat later than his kindred challengers during scene 6.

Thirty-year-old entertainer James hails from LA and functions as a DJ as an afterthought.

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