Petco Park Death Video – What Exactly Happened!

By | September 28, 2021

Petco Park Death Video – San Diego police are examining the passings of a lady and her 2-year-old child Saturday after they tumbled from the third degree of Petco Park, similarly as the huge number of baseball fans were setting out inside toward a Padres game, the San Diego Union-Tribune detailed. The lady, 40, and the kid were articulated dead at 4:11 p.m., around 20 minutes after police were made aware of the episode, Lt. Andra Brown told the paper.

The pair tumbled from the third level concourse — what could be compared to six stories high — to the walkway underneath on Tony Gwynn Drive, Brown said.

Both lived in San Diego. The mother and kid had been at a feasting/concession region on the concourse level before the fall, Lt. Adam T. Sharki said. The kid’s dad was at the ballpark when the passings happened, police detailed.

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