What If Episode 8 Reddit – A Very Ultron Apocalypse

By | September 30, 2021

What If Episode 8 Reddit – In Marvel’s What If…? scene 8, Ultron obliterates the universe, and afterward begins annihilating the multiverse.

Scene 8 of Marvel’s What If… ?, named ‘Consider the possibility that… Ultron Won?’, housed probably the best-energized groupings of the series up until now. We’ve seen some extraordinary stuff from the show’s movement group to date, however, they truly got an opportunity to parade some amazing visuals in this one by keeping the focal story genuinely straightforward and the cast of characters little.

Ultron, at last, gets the atomic codes and dispatches the world’s nukes during a succession that indeed kills Kenny Tony Stark. Dispatching Thanos effortlessly upon his appearance, Ultron then, at that point, takes the remainder of the Infinity Stones for him and ruins to the remainder of the universe.

Sakaar, Ego, and more are obliterated, and even though Captain Marvel takes a very decent break at finishing Ultron’s underhanded cleanse, she additionally neglects to take care of business. With his central goal complete, Ultron is confused until he becomes mindful of The Watcher and understands that there are as yet incalculable universes holding back to be destroyed.

As Ultron goes head to head against The Watcher in an eye-popping, multiverse-breaking scene, we get an opportunity to see a Galactus-Esque variant of Ultron, an Earth populated by Skrulls, and a rendition of the reality where Steve Rogers is being confirmed as President of the United States.

Eventually, Ultron gets so near taking out The Watcher that he’s confused and hesitantly talks with Strange Supreme, who we haven’t seen since he broke his reality and got a Watcher reproving toward the finish of scene 4. It appears as though Stephen may have the stuff to at last purpose the Ultron circumstance, however, we will need to keep a watch out.

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